Amiko provides courses for people 6-16 years old, 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday


Join us on February 19th, from 4-7pm. Bring your projects, games, friends, and snacks. Free and all are welcome!


Collaboration and Autonomy

We work together to make choices about what and how we learn, so the knowledge we build is personally meaningful.

Responsibility and Goals

We develop our personal responsibility and persistence to plan and achieve challenging goals, with accountability to ourselves and to our community.

Evidence and Sharing

We create evidence of our learning in a variety of ways to enhance our learning process, facilitate reflection, and to share with others.

Relationships and Empathy

Our collaborative community, built from diverse perspectives, strengthens our learning experiences and helps us to develop empathetic understanding.

Our Work

What happens when you experiment with baking soda, vinegar, mentos, sodas, shaving cream, dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and antacid? Our Young Researchers Club members found out!

1580 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620 (585) 261-2053