With Nature
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All courses are currently held outside, in all kinds of weather. Children attend dressed for the conditions and enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and the beauty of the season every day.


Collaboration and Autonomy

We work together to make choices about what and how we learn, so the knowledge we build is personally meaningful.

Responsibility and Goals

We develop our personal responsibility and persistence to plan and achieve challenging goals, with accountability to ourselves and to our community.

Evidence and Sharing

We create evidence of our learning in a variety of ways, including photography and written means, to enhance our learning process, facilitate reflection, and to share with others, in person, and in digital spaces.

Relationships and Empathy

Our collaborative community, built from diverse perspectives, strengthens our learning experiences and helps us to develop empathetic understanding.

Service Learning!

Our courses take place in the gorgeous woods of Webster Park and Highland Park. Our Environmental Education group collaborates with the Highland Park Conservancy to maintain the beauty of the park by removing invasives, mulching, planting, and other fun tasks!

Connecting with Nature!

Our beautiful outdoor settings inspire and support our learning while building our confidence and capability to enjoy a wide variety of weather conditions and terrain. Our courses include journaling practices, nature-based projects, and physical activities to build our observational, critical thinking, and reflective skills, while igniting our curiosities with interdisciplinary connections.

Technology in the Woods!

Even while in the woods, we use iPads, desktops, laptops, digital microscopes, and other modern technology to enrich our learning. We learn how to evaluate sources for credibility, compose written works, take photographs, film videos, participate in online community science projects, and create art like stop-motion animations while we are immersed in the great outdoors.