Registration now available at all enrollment levels! Courses begin February 14th. Masks are currently required for attendance.
Thanks to a very generous donor, enrollees who are 10-12 years old will receive a tuition reduction between $50 and $350.
All courses are currently held outside, in all kinds of weather. Children attend dressed for the conditions and enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and the beauty of the season every day.


Collaboration and Autonomy

We work together to make choices about what and how we learn, so the knowledge we build is personally meaningful.

Responsibility and Goals

We develop our personal responsibility and persistence to plan and achieve challenging goals, with accountability to ourselves and to our community.

Evidence and Sharing

We create evidence of our learning in a variety of ways, including photography and written means, to enhance our learning process, facilitate reflection, and to share with others, in person, and in digital spaces.

Relationships and Empathy

Our collaborative community, built from diverse perspectives, strengthens our learning experiences and helps us to develop empathetic understanding.

Outdoor Classrooms!

Our courses take place in the gorgeous woods of Webster Park and Highland Park! As we work outside in all kinds of weather, we embrace our beautiful seasons by making observations of the conditions, adapting lessons and activities, enjoying hot tea, and incorporating physical activity whenever needed. Don’t forget your dancing boots!
585 703-6871